Lotus Temple is the Remarkable Architectures of Bahai Faith | Timings, Entry Fees, Location & Facts


Lotus Temple – Lotus Temple located in New Delhi, India. Its construction work was completed in 1986. It is famous for its full-sized shape. It is also called the Mother Temple in the Indian subcontinent and it remains a center of attraction in the city for quite some time. Lotus Mandir Lotus Temple  has earned an architectural award from Bahat and has been published in more than 125 newspapers and articles have been written in many magazines on this temple. Like all houses of prayer, Lotus temple is open to all, meaning that any person of any religion can come to this temple.

Lotus Temple Interesting History

view of lotus temple

There are 27 stacked marble petals in this building, which have been made in the shape of 3 and 9, as well as 9 doors in the entrance hall which is about 40 meters and about 2400 people come together in this hall. Can have. According to the 2001 CNN report, most people here come to see it. This means that it has a record in its name that most tourists in the world have come to see it.

Few Lines On Lotus Temple

  1. The shape of this temple is like lotus flower because the lotus is considered to be symbol of peace, purity, love and purity.
  2. The most important temple of Baha’i’s faith and reverence is Lotus Mandir.
  3. Bahai Dharma was founded by Baha-Ullah, which was the Persian rich man of Tehran. According to the Bahá’í religion, there is only one god.
    Lotus Mandir is located in Kalkaji, ​​New Delhi.
  4. It took more than a decade to build this temple. Finally, in 1986, this temple was opened to ordinary people.
  5. Around 700 engineers, technicians, workers and artists formed the Lotus temple together.
  6. There can be 2400 people together at a time in the temple.
  7. This temple is surrounded by about 40 meters long and 9 ponds.
  8. The marble used in making this temple was procured from Greece.
  9. Lotus Mandir was designed by Canadian Persian architect Feriborz Sahba.

This temple is called Lotus Temple because it is looks like a lotus. To attract visitors to the temple, a wide grass field, white giant building, a prayer with a high dome, attracted by idols and temples, thousands of people are not just like the audience but praying and meditating and in the prayer meeting on time. Participants also come to participate. This special prayer is held for five minutes every hour. Every day in the Lotus temple, about eight to ten thousand tourists are from the country and abroad. The tranquil atmosphere here is helpful for prayer and meditation. Built in full form, this temple is the main center of tourism attraction in New Delhi in the 20th Century.

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inside view of lotus temple

Interesting Facts about Lotus Temple

  1. The Bahai community also offers a lot of facilities, people who are interested in these activities can participate in them. These facilities include Children’s Classes, Junior Youth Classes, Devotional Meetings and Study Circles.
  2. More than 4 million tourist visits every year in the temple and nearly 10,000 peoples come to the place every day.
  3. The people of Bahai’s religion have great faith in this temple, their belief in God is very strong. People of all religions are evenly welcomed in the temple, and in the temple, people remember God and pray in an equitable sense.
  4. One of the seven temples of the Bahai community is Lotus Mandir. The remaining six temples are located in Australia’s Sydney, Panama City of Panama, Apia of Western Samoa, Kampala in Uganda, Frankfurt in Germany and Willamette of USA.
  5. Bahai Lotus Temple was designed by the Iranian architect Feriborz Sahba in the form of lotus and lotus is considered in all the religions of Hindu and Buddha. For its wonderful and adorable shape this temple has won the International Award from Bahat.

General thing about Lotus Temple:-

Day Closed: Monday

Visit Timing: Morning 9 AM To 7 PM

Admission Fee: Free

Photography Charges: Permission necessary

Nearest Metro Station: Kalkaji Mandir


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