National Zoological Park of Delhi | Entry Timing & Ticket Price


The Delhi Zoo was opened on 1st November 1959 and was later renamed as National Zoological Park in 1982. Prominently known as “Chiriyaghar” among the Delhi residents, the zoo is spread over a range of 176 Acers and houses more than 127 types of animals and Birds.

national-zoological-park entry gate

When you enter from the gate of the National Zoological Park, you will see animals like Hippopotamus (Dariyai ghora), Chimpanzee, Spider monkey (South American Monkey) and Zebras (African wild horse with black-and-white stripe).  The other divisions include migratory birds (Pravasi pakṣi) from across the nation like peafowl, storks and ducks. In the middle of the Zoological Park is the underground reptile house.

Delhi Zoo is a piece of a protection reproducing plan run by the Central Zoo Authority for animals like the Royal Bengal tiger, Indian Rhinoceros (Bharatiya gaiṇḍa), Asiatic lion(Asiyai Sher), Swamp deer(Daladala hiraṇa), brow antlered deer(sangai hiran) and  red jungle fowl(Lāla jaṅgalī murgī). The rearing project for the temples antlered deer turned out to be such a win, to the point that equitable from a couple of these deer in 1962, various their posterity can now be found in zoos of different urban areas like Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Mysore to name a couple. A portion of the wonders of the National Zoological Park incorporate the elephant that plays harmonica, the White Tiger from Reva, and numerous jeopardized species. Different highlights are the Lion-Tailed Macaque (Old World monkey), Leopard Cat (Tēndua billi), Black Buck (kale Hiran) and Indian Gazelle (Bharatiya cikare).

Delhi Zoo additionally encourages the guests a container, drinking water counters and battery worked vehicles at sensible costs yet the genuine fun in investigating the National Zoological Park is by walking! The visit to the Zoo is fun as well as instructive, so don’t miss on this one.

Gernal Information about National Zoological Park

 Zoo Timings

1st April to 15th October 9:00am to 4:30pm

16th October to 31st march 9:00am to 4:00pm

Monday closed

Entrance fee (Normal)

 Adults Rs. 40/- per head

Children (below 3ft.)  Free

Children (between 3 to 5ft)    Rs. 20/- per head

Senior citizen (Greater than 60yr.)  Rs. 20/- per head

Entrance fee (Foreigners)

Adults Rs. 200/- per head

Children (up to five yr.)          Free

Children (above five yr..)        Rs. 100/- per head

Visitors or educational tours from colleges, colleges, universities and different instructional establishment’s are provided concessional entry price ticket at the subsequent rates 

Student (1st -5 std.)    Free

Student (6th -8th std.)            Rs. 10/- per head

Student (9th and above) Rs. 20/- per head

Accompanying staff   Rs. 20/- per head

Tatkal tickets   Rs. 200/- per head

Battery operated vehicles (it is being operated by a non-public agency on license). The authorize rates are as below 

Adults Rs. 50/- per head

Child (between 5 to 12yr.)      Rs. 25/- per head

Child (below five yr.) free

Small eight seater (per trip) while not faculty discount.         Rs. 300/-

12 seater (per trip) for varsity rs.100 per trolley discount.       Rs. 500/-

14 seater (per trip) for varsity rs.100 per trolley discount.       Rs. 600/-

20 seater (per trip) for varsity rs.100 per trolley discount.       Rs. 800/-

Photography charges

Still camera     Rs. 50/- per day

Amateur          Rs. 200/- per day

Documentary Rs. 2000/- per day

Feature film     Rs. 20,000/- per day


  1. I am very fond of wild cats especially tigers, they are amazing creatures with monstrous look. I have been planning to visit Delhi Zoo park with my family and your article made it so easy with the timings. Thanks for sharing.


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