History of Nahargarh Fort In Jaipur, Entry Timing & Ticket Price


Nahargarh Fort is situated at the height of the Arvalli Mountain of Jaipur city of Pink City. It is surely delightful and adorable to see this fort from the city.

The Nahargarh Fort also provides strong security to the city of Jaipur, along with the Aamer Fort and the fort of Jaigad. Originally, the name of the fort was first Sudarsangarh but later it became known as Nahargarh Fort, which means “the place of the lion”. According to the famous tradition, Nahar name has been taken from Nahar Singh Bhomiya, who provided and constructed a place for the fort. In the memory of Nahar, a temple has been constructed inside the fort, which is known by them as well.

Nahargah fort

The Nahargarh Fort was built in 1734 by the founder of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, Jaipur. The wall is all around for the protection of this mountain, it is said that this fort was formerly the capital of Amer. This fort was never attacked by anybody, but there have been many historical incidents in this area, including mainly the battle of Maratha in Jaipur in the 18th century.

At the time of the Indian Rebellion of 1847, the European in this region, which included the wives of the British, had been sent to King Nawahargarh fort by King Sawai Ram Singh of Jaipur.

In 1868, this fort was expanded during the reign of King Sawai Ram Singh. In 1883-92, Sawai Madho Singh constructed several palaces in Nahargarh with the cost of Rs 3 to 3.50 lakhs. The Madhavendra Bhawan built by Sawai Madho Singh relaxes the queens of Jaipur and the main palace is set on the king of Jaipur.

The rooms of the palace have been connected with the corridors and some interesting and soft graffiti also remained in the palace. The Nahargarh fort used to be the residence of Maharaja, until April 1944, the Jaipur government used it for office work.

Some scenes of Hindi film Rang De Basanti and pure country romance and Bengali film Sonar Kella has been shot in Nahargarh Fort.

Some interesting points of Nahargarh Fort – Nahargarh Fort Interesting Facts.

The Nahargarh Fort is one of the architectural wonders of Jaipur. Made in Pink City, Jaipur, this fort will surely be delightful and charming for you. You know all this. But do you know these interesting things below?

  1. The Nahargarh fort is built on the security of the city at an altitude of 700 feet, there has never been any attack on this fort. But still there are some historical incidents in this fort. In the 18th Century, there is also an attack on Maratha on Jaipur.
  2. There was no invasion of this fort by the Mughals, the pistol used in the Nahargarh fort was used to give singing of firing.
  3. At the time of the Indian Rebellion of 1857, the European people were sent by King Sawai Ram Singh for his protection in the Nahargarh fort.
  4. The scenes were shot in Nahargarh Fort by some famous Bollywood films such as Rang De Basanti and Jodhaa Akbar.
  5. the most spectacular part of the Nahargarh fort is the Madhavendra Bhavan, which was built for the Royal Women. The rooms of the castle have also been linked to the corridors. In the palace, women’s rooms have been built so that the king could go to any queen’s room without knowing the other queens.
  6. This fort is named after Nahar Singh Bhomiya. But after all, this person is named after whom this fort was named? Some people believe that he was a Rathod prince and the place where King Sawai Jai Singh built this Fort was the place of Nahar Singh Bhomiya.

Jai Singh also constructed a temple named after him for his soul’s peace in the fort. From that point they kept the name of the fort named after them – Nahargarh Fort – Nahargarh Fort.



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