The Amer Fort in Jaipur Rajasthan


The first factor that speaks concerning Jaipur history is Amer fort. The principal traveler attraction, Amer fort, is settled 11 kilometers far from the center of the pink town. Amer is a village with four sq. kilometers space underneath Jaipur. It had been the traditional fastness of the ruling Kachhawa clan of Amer, ahead of the capital was shifted in the plains to Jaipur. If there’s anywhere demonstrating the wonder and junction of each Hindu and Mughal traditions and architect, it’s to be Amer fort. Construction started by Raja Man Singh I in 1952 and completed by Sawai Jai Singh I the fort was made in typically red and white marble.  The four level layouts with every carrying Courtyard is that the most appealing and welcoming enclosure of this Fort symmetric. The four Courtyards are:

The First Courtyard of Amer Fort

First Courtyard is that the main entrance to the Palace Courtyard. Regarding the fort’s Ganesh Gate, temple dedicated to Sila Hindu deity is perceived at the doorway of the palace of Amer that is regarding the fort’s Ganesh Gate. Sila Hindu deity is god of Chaitanya beliefs that was given to prince Man Singh once defeating prince of Jessore, Bengal.

The Second Courtyard of Amer Fort

The second Courtyard is the most way of the primary level grounds include Diwan-i-Aam (hall of public audience). Diwan-i-aam consists of twenty seven colonnades, every mounted with elephant capital which has galleries higher than it.

The Third Courtyard of Amer Fort

Ganesh Gate is that the pole that was named once Hindu lord Ganesha is entitled because the entrance to the personal palace of the Maharajas. It includes the 3 level structures that end up in the personal quarters of the house that was engineered by Mirza Raja Jai Singh named as Diwan-i-Khaas (or the hall of personal audience). higher than the gate, was the Suhag Mandir, from wherever the females of the house accustomed watch the functions that accustomed control in Diwan-i-aam (or the hall of public audience)

The main attractions in the third Courtyard include:

Garden: The garden is found between jai Temple on the east and Sukh Niwas on the west. The pattern of the garden resembles to it of Mughal gardens. Tripolia Gate: Tripolia gate is that the 3 gate access to the palace from the west. The 3 directions receptive Jaleb Chowk, Man Singh Palace and Zenana Deorhi.

Lion Gate: ‘Lion Gate’ was once a protected gate that leads in to the personal quarters in the palace premises.

The Fourth Courtyard of Amer Fort

The fourth grounds include the Zenana region of the palace wherever queens with their mistress use to reside. it had been a residence for queen’s mothers and king’s consorts still in conjunction with their feminine attendants.

Presently, it’s not in any respect shocking that Amer fort is supplied with by quite 5000 guests on a daily basis. to achieve the doorway of the fort, one should cross the hills either by walking, hiring a car or taking associate degree elephant ride. Amer fort may be a stunning junction for guests sharing a novel story history, ne’er detected before. The Jaipur forts as well as Amer fort are the foremost organized and planned place in the Republic of India. shocking however truth, the history of Amer fort isn’t any lesser than a fairy tale of kings and queens popularly referred to as the bequest of Jaipur. One will relish a wide ranging read of encompassing areas from the fort complicated.

General Information about Amer Fort

Visit Timing: –   9.30   To 4.30

Entry Fee: – Indian (Rs. 10), Foreign (Rs. 50)

Photography charges: – Indian (Still-Rs. 50, Video- Rs. 100), Foreigner (Still-Rs. 70, Video-Rs. 150)


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