7 Best Holiday Places Near Delhi

7 Best Holiday Destinations Near Delhi
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1. Bharatpur

The Bharatpur National Park, also famous as a Keoladeo National Park, it’s a wonderful bird sanctuary. Named after the Keoladeo temple situated in its enclosed space, the place was created as a national park on 10th March 1982. It was created to protect the Bharatpur region from regular floods. Allowanced a World Heritage Site of UNESCO, this parka is home to more than 230 different kinds of birds, more than 200 different Various variety of the amphibians and reptiles like turtles, fish, lizards, snakes, etcetera and more than 350 flowers varieties can be found here. This National Park, normally known in local as Ghana, has been a house for the Siberian Crane in winter; a species on the edge of disappearance (consider a rare bird today). 5km far from the Bharatpur Junction (railway station) and around 192 kms from Delhi by car (1 day journey), a sight to watch; a must visit.
Bharatpur National Park and bird sanctuary
Travel Time from New Delhi: 4 Hours
Ideal Duration of Stay: 1 day
Best Time to Visit: Nov-Feb

2. Agra

When you think about Agra, one thing has come to your mind- yes, the Taj Mahal. One of the Seven Wonders of the World Taj Mahal situated in Agra, , which feel the entire country proud. But that’s not the only thing in Agra to see. It has three UNESCO World Heritage sites and Taj Mahal comes in the 50 most famous tourist places in the world. Architecture, History, romance all together makes the magic of Agra which is approximately the lifeline of Indian tourism. Fanatic History & its architecture, can have a ball here with the complete extension of the culture and Mughal art on display. Apart from this monuments, the city also has various exciting things for foodies – including the popular Agra Ka Petha and wonderful chaat and Lassi.
tourist places in Agra north India
Travel Time From New Delhi: 4 Hours
Ideal Duration of Stay: 1-2 days
Best Time to Visit: Oct-Mar
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3. Mcleodganj

Also famous as Little Lhasa and popular in the world as a being residence of the Tibetan religious leader Dalai Lama, Mcleodganj is a wonderful city located close to upper Dharamsala. Nestled between majestic hills and soulful greenery, this town is racially blessed by a famous Tibetan influence owing to the main settlement of Tibetans here. Mcleodganj has one of the most interesting sights in the whole state of Himachal Pradesh and is a focus for a lot of tourists all over the year. The towns of Mcleodganj, Bhagsu Nag, Dharamsala and Kangra are located very near to each other and tourists must see all these places while traveling here. Few of the most famous and religiously major monasteries in India are situated here, including the Namgyal Monastery and Tsuglagkhang, where the religious leader Dalai Lama lives. as well, tourists also visit the beautiful Dal Lake and Triund, which are apt for picnics.
Travel Time from New Delhi: 10 Hours
Ideal Duration of Stay: 2-4 days
Best Time to Visit: Oct-Jun

4. Jaipur

Also known the City of Victory, Jaipur has forever been one of the faces of tourism in India. it’s included with Agra and New Delhi, it makes the Golden Triangle of Indian Tourism and would be the most famous tour for any foreigner visitor India. Jaipur is an attractive city with wonderful shades of it. The Amer zone of Jaipur is beautified with hills and lakes and studded with splendid forts including Nahargarh, Amber Palace and Jaigarh Forts. There is the old walled town, which is a different city altogether with a narrow road, pink shops, buildings and the monuments like City Palace, Hawa Mahal and the world famous Jantar Mantar. These ways are also the same which keep attention tourists from the entire world for its snacks, sweets and the shopping, colorful bangles to printed Saris to the pretties and jewelry of Johri Bazaar, Jaipur has the whole thing to offer for a purchasing. There are various posh and residential regions with high-rises and flyovers and wonderful architecture and infrastructure. Jaipur has a matchless feel to it and it can only be experienced once you are there.
tourist destinations in jaipur rajasthan
Travel Time From New Delhi: 5 Hours
Ideal Duration of Stay: 2-3 days
Best Time to Visit: Oct-Mar
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5. Alwar

Bounded by Aravali hills, Alwar is an attractive city of rich heritage and culture. Not very popular between tourists, Alwar has kept its attraction from the past. The royal fort, attractive colorful markets and City Palace the make Alwar one of the most attractive cities in Rajasthan. Alwar has been oldest of Rajasthani Empire and first Rajput states to line up itself with the British Empire. Alwar is most popular for two things – its forts and milkcake (‘Alwar ka mawa’). The city included under the NCR region and popular for a great weekend from New Delhi – as Alwar is a small wonderful and silent place without pollution. With other reasons to you can also visit Alwar for the Sariska Tiger Reserve and the mystifying Bhangarh Fort.
places to visit in Alwar Rajasthan
Travel Time From New Delhi: 4 Hours
Ideal Duration of Stay: 1-2 days
Best Time to Visit: Oct-Mar

6. Manali

Surrounded by majestic hills and woody forests, the quaint charm of Manali has captured the world’s attention and has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. The pristine River Beas flows right through the town, creating a mesmerizing and spellbinding landscape. Nestled at one end of the Kullu Valley, Manali is a popular hill station with attractions such as the Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley nearby. Rohtang Pass is covered with snow throughout the year and is a good experience in itself. During this season, Solang Valley comes alive as it is the prime spot to enjoy the snow and snow-based activities. This is the ideal place for tourists looking to unwind and rejuvenate in the lap of nature, for there is no place in the country more vibrant and charming as Manali. This town also has a multitude of options for tourists looking for adventurous activities like trekking, paragliding, skiing, zorbing, white water rafting etc. Besides adventurous activities, Manali also has a lot of temples which all tourists and devotees love to visit including the Raghunath temple and Jagannathi Devith Temple being one of the important ones. Hadimba Temple, a 14th century temple is famous for its wooden architecture and for its religious values. Manali is also used as the base town for the Manali-Leh highway and Leh is around 479 km from here. Lahaul and Spiti district can also be accessed from here during the summers using the same highway.

Travel Time From New Delhi: 12 Hours
Ideal Duration of Stay: 2-4 days
Best Time to Visit: Oct-Jun

7. Gwalior

The city’s heritage has stay captured in the impressive architecture of mosques, statues and temples. Surrounded by wonderful hills and greenery. Being a significant city where one of India’s most famous royal families resided, Gwalior is many of palaces and wonderful temples. The Gwalior fort, which gives an amazing view of the whole city, the Jai vilas palace and the Sun Temple and some others tourist places in Gwalior that cannot be missed. The great Indian famous musician Tansen was born in this city and the tomb of Tansen is also a significant place here. Each year in the month of November and December a four day Tansen Music festival is organized in the city.
places to visit in Gowalior
Travel Time from New Delhi: 6 Hours
Ideal Duration of Stay: 1-2 days
Best Time to Visit: Jul-Mar


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