9 Haunted Places In Delhi, You Should Avoid at Night


Let us know about 10 haunted places in Delhi, it is considered that ghosts, spirits or invisible powers still have their haunting presence here. Very few people dare to go to these places at night.

1. Delhi Cantonment

That is usually called the Delhi Cantt, which was established by the British-Indian army. The whole place looks like a small forest which surrounded by lush green trees. It is said that a woman wearing a white cloth seeks a lift from passing cars. If you don’t stop, the woman runs as fast as the car itself and it’s difficult to escape. A lot of people have claimed to have seen her. However, till date, there are no reports of any harm caused to any person. People say maybe it is the soul of a woman traveler who died in the same area.

2. Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

It was built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in 1354 which has now turned into ruins. According to people, burning candles and incense sticks are found here every Thursday. And then, the very next day bowl with milk and raw grain is found in some parts of the fort, because of this the fort is now considered a ghost fort.

3. Khooni Nadi, Rohini

The area around Khooni nadi in Rohini is a quiet and deserted area, very few people come here. No one goes nearby the river because it is believed that dead bodies are found nearby the river. Murder, accident, suicide whatever the reason, it is common to see dead bodies along the river bank. That’s the reason it’s becoming one of the most haunted places in Delhi.

4. Mutiny House, Kashmiri Gate

This monument was built by the British in the memory of the soldiers who were killed in the 1857 mutiny. The memories and shadows still remain around the building. Therefore, it is considered a haunted place.

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal

The palace was once the hunting ground used to by the Tughlaq dynasty. The palace is called “Bhuli Bhatiyari “after the name of a woman who took care of the property and she is still believed to be living there. In the night, no one dares to go here. Usually, peculiar voices come from here that make this a scary place.

Sanjay Van

Spreads over a 10 km area, Sanjay van is a dense forest where people claimed to have seen children’s souls, often found playing there and then disappear into the darkness of the forest.

Karbala Graveyard

This graveyard is as haunting as its name, local people have witnessed some shadows and their activities just like haunting scenes in a horror movie.

Jamali Kamali Tomb & Mosque

This Mosque located in Mehrauli. Here is a graveyard of 16th century Sufi Sant Jamali Kamali. People believe that there is a presence of jinn here. Many people have scary experiences here.

Khuni Darwaza

Here, the three sons of Bahadur Shah Zafar were killed by the British. Till today, all three princes’ shadows are present in this area.


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