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A Story of a Traveler


A person with having a lust for exploring something which has an incredible history, amazing culture, and various dishes to eat, is a person which is living life at its best. Because that lust gives us many experiences of life and it gives us a chance to understand the soul of the World. A travel loving person always stays happy. Traveling keeps people loving their life, even having a small tour like same day Agra tour can put you in the exciting state.

A Story of a Traveler

A small story of a boy

“There lived a boy who was a shepherded and loved to travel that guy even had a small argument with his father about his dreams and his travel plans. One day he left his home to chase his dreams and in search of his destiny treasure.

He had worked a lot as a shepherded, he started understanding having talks with sheep through the medium of universal language. He met with many kinds of people, the kinds, the gentles, the thieves and the alchemists. He had reached his treasure after facing many problems no matter, whether they are big or small. The only thing that took him to his dreams is the power of his dreams.

He ended up his life by having so many experiences, moments which are fully filled with excitement, and a courage of putting him into a good situation.”

This is the story which makes many people develop a lust for travelling, it is the story taken from the very well-known book, The Alchemist. Travelling can give us that knowledge, which directly came from the experiences, that no school or college can give.

There are many people out there in this immense world, who are always in search of something, which can connect them with the heart of this world. They experience every charm of the places whichever they visit. A true traveller loves every place and they can capable of making things better even in some worse conditions.

Monuments like Taj Mahal and dishes like Navratna Korma can fill a soul with love and enthusiasm. Notwithstanding, even a tour like same day Agra tour by car can make the life more rejuvenating only the thing which we have to do is opening arms much widely and act the gifts of nature, which directly or indirectly give to us.



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